Sunday, October 30, 2005

Giving goodies? What kind?!

10 new recipes this past week. The stand-outs for us were the Lasagna Rolls,"S" cookies and the Tassies. You can find all the recipes from this last week, along with the rest that we have done, on the left side bar.

Tomorrow is Halloween! Jeff did a pumpkin yesterday... we did save the seeds to do something with, but have not decided what yet! Here is the final result.

We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood so we tend to go through a lot of candy. On the off chance that there is any leftover (rarely happens) we tend to buy stuff that we would eat. In past years we have tried buying things we don't like, but that's the time we end up with a lot left over.... that's no fun! Do you buy what you like? What are you giving out this year? Here is what we will be "handing" out...

I'm going to be finishing up what Jeff will be bringing to his team tomorrow after I finish lunch today. Check back tomorrow to see the finished pictures - today it is a fun cookie to add along!

Hopefully we will still have time to get our Netflix movie in tonight. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one I have been waiting to come out on DVD. I'm surprised we got it this soon!

Another busy week in the kitchen coming up - stay tuned and see what comes out next!


  1. You scared me--I thought you were going to be giving out super yummy home-made treats! Is that even possible in this day and age?!

    I have the same philosophy you do....give a treat I would not mind having as a leftover! They are the little bite size candy bars such as Hershey's, Krackle, etc. (My son's choice--he is likely to do most of the left-over consuming. I'll try to get some Hallowe'en pix up o my site soon. I LOVE this holiday!

    Superb pumpkin carving job! :)

  2. Hi Joe. We get tons of kids in our neighborhood - I've counted by how much candy we give out and it's been over 300 some years! We like to give out pretty much what you had in your picture, but we also give out some cheap stuff because it gets expensive on the really busy years.

    I like to do both - buy what I don't like and what I do. I eat as I pass the candy out, but try to get rid of the stuff that will tempt me later. That way it's over and done with in one night. There are things that are popular with the kids that I don't like - like Butterfingers, so I'll leave those until last.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. This year, we decided to hand out Almond joy, Snickers, Pecan Delight, Hersheys milk chocolate with almonds. Like you, we give out what we like to have for ourselves.

  4. Hi Joe
    I never realised that so many different types of blog would show up if I did a search on something like lessons. I'm still not sure how well Giving goodies? What kind?! fits into that category, but I've enjoyed visiting :0) Adios Amigo.

  5. You guys really ought to try that Pumpkin Seed Mole we've made a few times; it's fantastic! And very simple to make.

    The past two Halloween's, we handed out (as the neighborhood kids proclaimed it) the best candy: tons of chocolate, Pop Rocks, a bunch of name it.

    But this year, we're taking Alex out for his very first trick-or-treatings! He's going as a chef, decked out in my mom's culinary school duds.

    Let me know if you're interested in that mole recipe; I really think you'd enjoy it.

  6. It's a matter of pride for my husband and I to hand out the 'good' candy. Loads of chocolate minis, Nickelodeon-themed candy, etc.

    Even though we live in a fair-sized neighborhood, we never get as many kids coming as I would hope. I think a lot of people around here take their kids to parties- or, shudder, the mall.

    Nice work on the pumpkin!

  7. Andrea - Thanks! I like your mix!

    Alysha - Wow that is a lot of kids! We had a fair amount and ran out of candy early.

    Indira - Great candy selection!

    Stephanie - I might take you up on that, it sounds interesting! Pop rocks! It's been forever since i've had them!

    s'kat - There are a lot of the "mall" celebrations here too. It seems to take the fun out of it I would think. The best part was wandering around town for me when I was a kid!