Sunday, October 23, 2005

Previewing this week

Recapping this past week we made 12 new recipes. If your looking for any of the recipes make sure you take a peek at the left side bar to find them! I update every Sunday with the past week's recipes. You may need to hit refresh to see the additions. The collection is growing pretty big!

This morning was busy as we had to get some stuff done outside before we went grocery shopping. I got the menu for this week done last night and prepared the grocery list. I noticed that *someone* was glancing over what was on it and then commenced the rolling of the eyes as tofu (insert evil laugh here) was spotted. We have used it once before and it turned out very good so this will be round 2!

For the mid-week work treat, it will be a combination of these fun ingredients;
Cream Cheese, Pistachios and Pecans... I'm looking forward to this one!

So Max is here waiting for me to post our entry for the Weekend Dog Blogging #6 that Sweetnicks recaps every Sunday night. This was taken yesterday while he was playing with one of his favorite toys. He's waiting to lick the toy to death as we put just a little peanut butter inside.Our Netflix movie of the night will be Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. Stay tuned to see what's brewin' in our kitchen this week!


  1. Max is such a cutie. What kind of dog is he?

    Now that we will have a bigger house, I'm feeling a big urge to visit the humane shelter....but I'll make myself wait for spring.....

  2. We got those toys for Donegal and Wicklow...I swear, weeks after the peanut butter is gone, they're still licking away. Good investment for us, that's for sure.

  3. I guess I am going to have to try this tofu thing. I am scared......

  4. Max looks so sweet. My dogs aren't fond of peanut butter. Can you imagine??

  5. such a happy fluffy boy with his peanut butter toy, makes me long for a dog even more :)

  6. Max is very cute! I love that toy he has. I have used it when I had a double yellow Amazon. We would put whole unshelled peanuts in there and it would drive the bird crazy until she got the peanut out. We did do peanut butter but she really liked pecking at the peanut shell itself better. What a mess that was!

  7. LOL I just double checked the expiration dates of the two packages of tofu I have in the fridge--then found the one waaaaaay in the back that expired months ago. I have this very bad tofu buying habit. At the store I have some brilliant idea of what to do with it, which completely leaves my brain the second the tofu hits the refrigerator shelf. Thank god the chickens eat it. : )

    P.S. Cute pup pic! : )

  8. I just bought 3 packages( at costco) of firm tofu. Im waiting to see what you do with it. I was just going to do a quick stirfry.

  9. I loved Cheaper by the Dozen - waiting for the second one, coming soon!

  10. Alysha - He's an American Eskimoe!

    Stephaine - Yeah, the toy keeps him busy for awhile!

    Michelle - I was scared at first too!

    JJ - *gasp* They don't like peanut butter? hmph!

    Catesa - hee hee!

    vlb5757 Thanks! Thats cool that the bird likes it! We always had birds when I was growing up.

    Farmgirl - too funny. I'm sure if Jeff had his way it would mysteriously disappear!

    Randi - I haven't seen tofu at costco. I will have to look closer!

    Sweetnicks - Us too!