Saturday, October 15, 2005

Recapping a busy week

Another busy week has passed with 11 new recipes being made. Even though we end up making quite a few new recipes each week the pile of untried recipes just does not go down. I need to stop adding to it... but that's no fun! The pumpkin bars from yesterday have been calling to me all day. The right about of spice and pumpkin flavor went so well with the cream cheese frosting... it is hard to keep my hands out of them!

Since it is the weekend, I suppose we should get our picture of one doggy to join in the fun over at Sweetnicks for Weekend Dog Blogging #5. If you would like more information about it - Sweetnicks should have the round up posted sometime tomorrow! We caught Max sitting out by the pool early this morning trying to relax before the temperature went to warm for him.

DVD's arrived from Netflix today (cutting it close I say!) so tonight's flick will be Sin City starring Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba.

Don't forget to check out the recipe section in the left hand collum. I update every sunday night with the previous weeks recipes. Each one has a picture to go with it!


  1. Sin City is one my favourite movies! Very violent, though, I certainly wouldn't watch it over dinner, lol.

    Lovely little pup you have there.

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog; I got to find yours :-) I'll be coming back, for sure. I love that pumpkin bar recipe, and will have to give it a try soon.

  3. All that good food and a pool? : )

  4. Beautiful doggy!

  5. such a pretty dog, i just want to brush his fluffy fur. so cute!

  6. s'kat - The movie was awesome!

    Jmom - Thanks for visiting!

    farmgirl - hee hee!

    paz - Thanks!

    catesa - Thanks! And feel free to come on by and brush him - he has enough hair to go around!

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  8. Funny that you have netflix and just watched Sin City. We just did the same. We love netflix here, we live close to the distribution center so we get our movies rather quickly. I am trying to finish my movie tonight so I can hopefully get a new one by the weekend.
    Thanks for visiting my site. I will be sure to look at your for inspiration. You sound like me, having a stack of recipes to try each week. I have been doing about 4 different ones a week. Sometimes being so innovative is tiring.

    Have a great week! Thanks for the pumpkin bar recipe! I will definitely add it to my list

  9. Thanks for visiting Heather!