Friday, October 07, 2005

More from the pumpkin patch...

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Pumpkin doughnuts I thought would be a good way today to use up some of the pumpkin puree we had from roasting the ones we got from a local farm a few days ago. If you've never made your own before it is actually quite simple - look below the pictures for instructions.

These delicious doughnuts are baked, rather than fried, in a doughnut pan. I have had these pans laying around for the longest time calling to me "use me, please use me!" The have a mild pumpkin flavor and I used a simple powdered sugar glaze to play around with some orange designs. I didn't have much time so it was kind of a rushed job in decorating them. I made 6 large and 12 mini doughnuts with enough batter leftover to make 2 cute mini muffins. I can't wait to make these again - fun stuff!

After a visit to a local asian market to get some ingredients, I was ready to make dinner tonight. Florentine Rice Noodle Gratin is a silky, comforting, and filling meal. I served some steamed broccoli along side. The noodles are fast to cook and hold together well after being cut. Next time I might add in some minced garlic into the onion mixture - other than that I don't think I would change anything else! This would be great to make ahead and then reheat to serve later.


  1. I just love pumpkin desserts! This is so much better than buying canned pure pumpkin too.

  2. mmm i love pumpkin too! heh i thought it was funny that you said you did a rush job on decorating them becos it looks like you went thru a lot of trouble makin them look preetty!

  3. Since I started coming to this blog there is always a lovely surprise on the wait. The doughnuts look fabulous. I don't even want to start thiking about what you do when you have time in your hands 'coz they look beautifully decorated as they are. AS for the gratin, what a fabulous idea. I love noodles and have already copied the recipe.
    Till next time.

  4. For a rush job in the decorating department, these little donuts look adorable. Very sweet, and sounds like tasty too.

  5. Joe, I think that the decorating looks great, too. The coloring was a nice touch. Where did you find donut pans?

  6. Those pumpkin donuts look too cute!

  7. My stomach is growling! The donuts look great and the gratin looks right up my alley.

    I really need to stop collecting recipes and actually make some soon......

  8. Oh my god those look amazing! YOu can make donuts??? and pumpkin ones? You're a genius. I love pumpkin season..I could eat it 15 ways! Soup, cookies, cake, pie, puree, and now donuts!

  9. Joe, those look gorgeous!

  10. I'm impressed with your rush job on your pumpkin donuts! I think that's better than I'd do if I had all day. :)
    I love pumpkin--I need to find ways to do more w/ it this year.

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  12. Those pumpkin doughnuts not only look fun to make, but especially fun to eat!


  13. Those doughnuts look absolutely gorgeous! You did a beautiful job with the decoration.

    Thanks for stopping by ReTorte. I just replied to your comment.

  14. Sara - Thanks! I much prefer fresh pumpkin now. I have quite a bit in the freezer now.

    Suze - Thanks!

    Valentina - Thanks for the nice comments! I hope you can make the noodle recipe!

    Nosheteria - Thank you, I wish I had more time though!

    Nic - I found them a few years ago in a local store but you can but the exact same ones from The Bakers Catalogue (at too but they go through TBC anyway)

    Nupur - Thanks!

    Alysha - I so know what you mean, I keep getting more and more recipes to try each day. I need to stop hee hee!

    Mona - the pumpkin is so versatile I can't wait to keep using them up while they are in season!

    Thanks Crystal!

    JJ - Thanks! I agree - get somethin cookin in the kitchen with some pumpkins!

    Paz - They were so fun to make!

    Wandering Coyete - Thanks for checking us out!

  15. Those pumpkin doughnuts look great! I miss being in the midwest during squash season, I will have to remember these for next year.

  16. Yummmm. Can't wait for Holloween, formerly just a fright night, quickly becoming yet another great American food holiday.

  17. Gemma - Thanks!

    Rich - I'm with you! Love fall treats!

  18. Oh, those doughnuts are so cute. I love the way you decorated them.