Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cookies - bite size

It's Tuesday... you know what that means if you have visited long enough! Today is when I make treats for Jeff to bring into the office on Wednesdays. The recipe I made today was a little labor intensive, but overall it went smoothly.

Fresh Cranberry-Pecan/Pistachio Tassies are fun little cookies/tarts that have a brown sugar filling and are then topped with fresh cranberries and nuts. I made 2 kinds - each has cranberries and then half have pecans while the other has pistachios. They are made with a cream cheese dough that was very easy to work with. You could fill these little pastry cups with a variety of fillings from lemon curd to brownie batters or even a pumpkin filling. Definite repeater for the upcoming holiday season.

Another soup night for dinner. This one is a little different and is Greek-inspired. Broccoli, Egg, and Lemon Soup with Chicken is a rich and creamy dish that uses a bunch of leftover ingredients to make this a comforting soup. You could change around the amounts or use different vegetables and meat and I'm sure this would still be a great meal!

I was looking to use up some potatoes and I was wanting to keep the comforting theme going so I made a Scalloped potato dish. This can be thrown together in a few minutes after prepping the potatoes. The tender creamy potatoes and layers of cheese meld into gooey squares with a crispy topping.


  1. Wow, tassies look great!! I always make pecan tassies around the holidays, but I think I'll give your variation a try for something different. Jeff and his co-workers are very lucky people!!

  2. Joe - Another great food day at Culinary in the Desert. I bookmarked all three! ;-0 Alanna

  3. Those tassies look wonderful, and I have to say, I love the look of the pistachios on them.

  4. The tassies look awesome! I'll have to try your soup...I posted last night about a Greek Lemon soup, too (mine had a side of broccoli, even) but it definitely was not a thumbs up!


  5. Val - Thanks! I've never made them before but they were fun!

    AK - Thanks! I hope you get a chance to try them!

    s'kat - Since I had to make two batches I wanted to use another kind of nut - I'm happy how they tasted with pistachios!

    Alice - I saw you posted about - sorry it didn't turn out as expected. I will have to see how EW did it! Mine was not too lemon-y and we really liked it!

  6. I love the picture of the soup! It looks creamy and velvety and light at the same time! I love soup, it is so comforting!
    The tassies looks great too, and I bet that with all those nice ingredientes they may taste great!
    Joe, I love your blog! Your recipes always sound so good and the pictures are super nice! I am having some health problems lately that are keeping me from cooking a bit, but even though I am not posting or using the computer much I just have to come here visit your blog everyday! Thanks for sharing your great recipes!

  7. YUM!
    They look so good, I wish we could get Cranberries here!

  8. Your food photography is amazing!

    I used to make these pecan tassies and your recipe reminded me of them. I love the idea of adding cranberries. Thanks to you, my 'to try' list is growing by leaps and bounds!