Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Almost time for turkey day!

So I'm trying to keep things easy today since tomorrow will be filled with many things going on in the kitchen. I made a quick bread today and it was a breakfast-for-dinner night.

Cranberry and Hazelnut Quick Bread starts out with a light batter, but after baking the crust turns into a deep golden brown color. I would check early as mine was ready about 5 minutes before the timer was to go off and it tested done. The resulting loaf is very moist with a wonderful aroma of chopped cranberries and toasted crunchy hazelnuts. I've found that with some quick breads the slices tend to not always hold together well, but these stayed firm and held their shape well. You could substitute walnuts for hazelnuts if you wish.

Banana Pecan Blue Cornmeal Pancakes with scrambled eggs came together quickly for dinner tonight. I thought the pancakes would have taken on a slightly more blue color, but a light hue could still be seen after being cooked. They are soft, light, fluffy, and the banana flavor shines through these tasty cakes. The toasted pecans add a depth of flavor with a nice crunch. Simply adorned with warm pure maple syrup - what could be better?


  1. Simply adorned with warm pure maple syrup - what could be better?

    In this context, Joe, I don't think I have a better answer for you!

    The cranberry bread sounds quite nice- I find myself really craving cranberry anything once the temperature changes.

  2. Now how funny is that. I'm reading your blog on Turkey day and realized we both made banana pancakes on Turkey Eve! Funny. Mine were Barefoot Contessa's Banana Sour Cream Pancakes though and most of them were made with blueberries for the 3yr old's dining pleasure.
    Happy Turkey Day, can't wait to hear the reviews!

  3. They both look great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. s-kat - This is the first year I've done so much with cranberries - I have to get some in the freezer soon!

    christina - too cool! I'll have to look up them pancakes! Happy Tday to you too!

    Michelle - Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!