Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kitchen workout... lots done today!

Since it is Tuesday, we will start off with what Jeff will be bringing for the Wednesday Treat Day tomorrow. He will be bringing 3 things, but the third will not be ready until the morning so you will have to check back another time when I can post about it!

Spicy Chex Mix is something I have been making for the past 3-4 years during this time of the year. It is a lighter version as there is no melted butter - it uses Butter buds and butter flavored spray for the buttery taste. I can't tell that it's missing it and usually goes fast when we bring it somewhere. I find the holiday pretzels very festive and we saw them again at Costco this past weekend. I always use this kind and I'm happy we found them again! The mix is salty, crunchy and just spicy enough to make you wonder what is giving it a kick. This is definitely a favorite of ours!

The next item, Fig and Cream Cheese Bars, looked like something fun to make as I've never baked with figs before. I used a 9X13 springform pan, so they are just a touch thinner than if you used a normal one. The crumbly and buttery crust is topped with a thin layer of pureed figs and then a cream cheese mix is spread over. The figs bring a unique honey flavor under the sweet cheesecake like topping. You do have to be pretty gentle in spreading the fig mixture over the top, or you will end up lifting up the crust and it could get messy. I used a small off-set spatula and as long as I kept it moving, I didn't have any issues.

Okay, on we go to dinner. Tonight's soup was sure interesting! What a combination of flavors! Potato, Chicken, and Coconut Soup brought strong Asian flavors coming from fish sauce, ginger and the lemongrass. The resulting soup was smooth, rich and creamy. It has a pretty wicked kick from the ginger and chili paste. The coconut and lime were subtle background flavors and did not overpower at all, just enough so you know they were there. This would have been something I normally pass over while going through recipes, but since we are trying to branch out I saved it. I'm glad I did as this was very good! Different and refreshing!


  1. Despite my anti meat + fruit stance, your pork chops with cranberries do look quite tasty. And the soup - delicious! (Uh oh - is the coconut a fruit? I may need to make another exception for that one.)

  2. Hmm. That soup sounds... peculiar? But very interesting, nonetheless.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Humm, your soup looks really good Joe!
    I thought it was interesting when I saw it in the magazine, now that I see your picture and review I may get encouraged to try it! (it is kind of different, isn't it? The coconut flavor...)

  4. I've noticed you do a lot of nifty layered sweets like those unforgettable homemade peanut butter chocolate bars. Mmm. These fig-cream cheese bars look equally divine.

  5. Good Lord, this blog is so wonderful.There is ALWAYS a lovely recipe.Plus the photos..sorry..but i really take immense pleasure out of my visits. Anyway, the soup looks stunning. And the bar..I shall give it a go. Haven't been very lucky with the ones I have tried in the past. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  6. mebeth - We're slowly getting used to the meat + fruit!

    s'kat - yup it was, but it was a tasty peculiar soup! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    ana - Thanks! Let me know if you try it.

    Lori - I like layered dessert (not sure why really!) - The bars were very good! I'm surprised I like the figs as much as I did.

    Valentina - you are too kind - Thanks!

    EJP - Hee hee!