Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Buttery treats

Tuesday's are a fun day as I get to bake treats for Jeff to bring in for the co-worker's on "Wednesday Treat Day" as we call it now. I made two recipes from Martha's Cookie magazine, one you will see today and the other will have to wait until tomorrows post!

Cream Cheese-Walnut Cookies made a ton of cookies for me, despite what they said the yeild was. They say to expect 48 and I got 68! I don't see how they only get that many unless they cut them differently than they say. With as much butter that is in this recipe, I'm very glad it made so many cookies! To help keep their round shape while firming up in the freezer, I took a leftover papertowl roll and cut the cardboard down the middle. Placing the dough log inside, I found this helped immensely so it did not go out of its shape. The texture and taste of these are like a buttery shortbread and almost melt in your mouth. The walnut flavor is very pronounced and toasting the ones that are mixed in the dough help pop out the intense nuggets of walnuts inside the rounds. I can definitely see making these to send out in holiday packages!

Here's a peek of what I used for another item made for them today. Chocolate and dried tart cherries.... a great combination - and the finished item is pretty rich. Tasting it did remind me of flavors from a black forest cake. Have I got you interested yet?

Dinner tonight was Chicken, Broccoli Rabe & Feta Country Toasts. This was not something that I would normally make, but it gave me a chance to try a new-to-us vegetable. This was a good dish, but I found we don't care much for the bitter taste from the Broccoli Rabe. If I were to make this again, I would consider using Broccolini instead. The vinegar and sweet tomatoes did help with the bitterness but not quite enough.



  1. Joe,

    I stumbled onto your blog from a Google link. Glad to see a fellow Phoenician writing about food.

    Broccoli Rabe is definitely an acquired taste. I like it, but in small amounts as the bitterness can be overwhelming. The Broccolini would make an interesting substitute.

    Oh, and since it is the holiday season, just go ahead and send over a tin of those butter cookies. I won't mind. Honest. :o)

  2. Brilliant idea on the paper towel roll -- I always end up with the 'flat' side.

  3. It all sounds wonderful, but I can't see the pictures!! Freakin' internet connection...

    Joe, I just picked up the M.S. cookie magazine yesterday, as I've been quite curious since hearing you speak about it. It's put together quite nicely, and there's a good variety of treats. A little something for every palate. Thanks!

  4. You tease... you show the ingredients for the chocolate cherry treat but don't show the finished product? For shame! ;-) Now I'm all antsy to know what could possibly be made from my two favourite dessert ingredients

  5. Those cookies and dinner look delicious, Joe.

  6. Yes, yes! I'm interested! I'll be waiting semi-patiently for the chocolate-cherry recipe... :)

  7. Everything looks delicious today! The cookies look yummy and the toast recipe seems very intersting, something I would like to try!
    Can't wait to see the new cookies tomorrow... from your description and having chocolate it can only be good!

  8. The cookies look great, Joe.

    Regarding the broccoli rabe, one thing that you can do to reduce the bitterness is to quickly blanche the vegetable in boiling water (about 30 seconds should do it). It is very good tossed with pasta and Italian sausage...

  9. Seth - Thanks! Sure I'll send some right over :)

    AK - I like using this method because it finally got rid of the flat side - I couldn't stand that!

    s'kat - Thanks! Sorry you couldn't see the pictures - I hope you can now! I really like how they did that magazine too.

    thediningdica - I hope you liked the results!

    Thanks Sweetnicks!

    Crystal - it is definitely one of my favorite combos!

    Thanks Ana!

    Dawna - Good info on the broccoli rabe - if we try it again I will hav eto remember that!