Monday, November 07, 2005

And so begins another week....

**I'm looking at changing the banner - if you happen to notice any issues with this new one please let me know!

No baking done today... well I did make some dough that is currently chilling out in the freezer until later in the week. It was pretty fun to work with and put together so make sure to check back and see what becomes of it!

Diving right into dinner... Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf served with Blue Cheese and Bacon Twice-Baked Potatoes was on the menu tonight. A little time consuming to do both but at least they are cooked at the same temperature. Someday I will have double ovens!
The meatloaf was pretty much a standard turkey loaf, I sometimes find they can be a little drier than I like, but this one stayed pretty moist. The difference with this is a layer of gooey mozzarella cheese in the center. The loaf is firm and cuts very clean even with the cheese. Cayenne pepper gives this a nice spicy kick.

Twice-Baked Potatoes has been on my list to make for the longest time. I've had my fair share of baked potatoes mind you, but never have I actually made twice-baked. The mashed center is creamy with a nice twang from the buttermilk. Smokey bacon and a pungent blue cheese lend great flavor to the mash. The texure against the creamy inside while the outside remains crispy and the top a little crunchy, from the second bake, makes this so good!


  1. The banner looks fine to me! Nice pics!

  2. bluecheese triggered my drool reflex, thank you for that :) the meatlof looks good! once poultry is safe again i'll give it a go (just call me paranoid lol)

  3. I like the banner, too, Joe. Might I suggest adding a hyperlink to it, so when you're on the archive pages you can return easily to the main page? If you need a hand, I'll look up my code for you.

  4. Mmmm...twice baked potatoes.

    Banner looks good here!

  5. ilva - Thanks!

    Catesa - we have grown to really like blue cheese - I hope you are able to get some safe poultry soon!

    Nic - Thanks Nic! If you wouldn't mind sending me the code that would be great! I tried changing it myself, and while it linked the banner - it only did it to the main page. I'm not sure what else to change!

    Erika - Thanks!

  6. The potatoes look great! Unfortunately, The Husband won't eat them, so I rarely make them.

  7. That's too bad Sweetnicks! What does he dislike about them?