Sunday, November 06, 2005

WDB #8

Let's recap what happened this week. 11 new recipes came out from the kitchen and the stand-outs were Pasta Margherita for savory and Creme-filled Chocolate Snaps for sweets. The recipes in the left sidebar have also been updated.

Max has been begging for another picture to be put up for the Weekend Dog Blogging event that Sweetnicks hosts and recaps every Sunday night. He looks so innocent... If I only knew what devious plan he had going through his head while we took this picture.

Netflix sent us Saving Face to watch along with dinner tonight. I have no idea what this one is suppose to be about... one of the "surprise! Let's see what this is" kind of movies. Last night's selection of Monster-in-Law was really good! Funny, not too long and Wanda was so good!

I finished the menu up for this week early in the morning, but I'm not exactly sure which day we will be having what. Lots of appointments happening this week so it will depend on when I have time - keep checking back to see what we can come up with!


  1. Max is the cutest dog ever!! but don't tell my niece.

  2. Awww, Max is TOO cute!!

  3. Ah, now your avatar makes sense! What a great pooch!

  4. see i know those eyes, they are saying please come lay your head on my tummy and relax :)

  5. Ruth - Max sends his thanks!

    Amateur - We liked the movie, but it was a little different than we expected. Half of the movie is in subtitles and I didn't realize that when I put it on the list! Great otherwise!

    Thanks Val!

    Paz - Hee hee - he was being very good that day!

    Ed - Max says thanks! Woof!

    Generic - Thanks for checking out the site!

    Catesa - he is such a baby, he will sit in a spot until you rub his belly before he will move!