Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 23

If you have not yet heard about what happened to our fellow food blogger Clare over at Eat Stuff, please jet over there and send some good wishes. Miss Kitty has been very sad ever since she heard what happened. Clare hosts WCB each weekend where food bloggers from all over post pictures of their kitties and she brings them all to one spot. Miss Kitty would like to offer this to Clare and Kiri. We hope you are able to join us again soon! Boo at Masak-Masak is guest hosting this weekend, so if you get a chance go see what all the kitties are doing!

Chicken salads as always tonight since it is Saturday. Netflix saved the day by making sure we had movies to watch this weekend. Tonight it will be Kingdom of Heaven. I will be going through the recipe piles again after dinner to see what I can come up with for the menu this week. Stay tuned!


  1. With a message so creatively done and a cute looking cat, I'm sure she'll get better very soon.


  2. Uncle Joe

    Awwww, Miss Kitty is so sweet to do that get well message for Auntie Clare and Kiri. I love the flowers too!

    Lots of love

    Boo the cat

  3. What a great photo and a beautiful kitty!

  4. such a sweet idea! she looks fascinated at being included in the fun :)

  5. How do you do it? Great food and a trained cat! I could have spelled out the get well wish and asked my sitties to pose nicely and it would have never happened! Way too independent, they are.

    So how'd you like KoH? We watched it last night for the fourth time. I enjoyed the story, even with it's poetic license.

  6. Cute photo! And Miss Kitty is sitting for it so nicely....

  7. I've had black cats my entire life, until recently, but retain a soft spot for 'em. Miss Kitty is so sleek and beautiful, and very well-mannered!

  8. Thanks Paz!

    Boo - Miss Kitty sends her thanks!

    Mebeth - She sure likes to strut her stuff I tell ya...

    Catesa - She loves being in pictures, don't know why hee hee!

    Chronicler - I wish there was some trick but she's just a good kitty! We liked it, but thought it was kind of hard to follow in some spots.

    Alysha - Thanks!

    s'kat - When we first saw her as a little kitten at the shelter we knew we had to have that little black kitty!

  9. what an adorable kitty...and so smart she can spell and be creative! =^..^=

  10. Cookie Jill - Miss Kitty sends her thanks!