Friday, November 25, 2005

Digging into the leftovers...

Cranberries have really become a favorite of mine this past year. I'm not sure why, but we have really taken a liking to them. I did hear the other day on the news that there might be a shortage come christmas time so I might put a few bags in the freezer.

Sugared Cranberries is a fresh and different way of presenting cranberries to guests or to eat for yourself. These are excellent to nosh on as you would nuts. They became pretty addicitive and I just kept going back for more. The coating on the cranberries takes on a cruncy texture and when you put one in your mouth it explodes with its natural tartness. The sugar helps ease the flavor so it does not overwhelm you. This would make for a great gift wrapped up in tins at holiday parties. If you desire, you could save the sugar syrup that is infused with the cranberries and use it for your mixed drinks instead of tossing it.

Lunch was of course simple turkey sandwiches - how could we have anything else on leftover day? Dinner had to be a new recipe though. After going through the piles, I found a chicken pasta dish that sounded interesting so I changed it into a turkey one. Spicy Turkey Pasta comes together in a flash because when you use fresh pasta it literally takes just a minute to cook. A creamy sauce coats the tender angel hair and crushed red pepper ramps up the heat quite a bit. Next time, I would add some roasted red peppers for some contrast.



  1. It all looks so good. I like the look of the pasta dish. I wish I could eat pasta everyday! I love it! Hope your Thanksgiving went well.

  2. Those sugared cranberries sound intriguing, Joe. I may have to try them as party season approaches!

  3. Michelle - Thanks!

    Nic - Let me know if you give them a try!

    Amy - I have not tried it but it does sound good! Maybe next time around!

  4. These sugared cranberries are the best thing ever! And so easy!! The only problem is that I am eating so many before they even dry that I think I am going to need to get some more cranberries at the store tonight if I want to have any left for guests!

  5. Jessica - Glad you like them!