Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New type of brittle....

This time of the year, I love to make hard candy type treats. Nut brittle, roca's and other candy usually make up a big part of our holiday baking. When I saw this recipe, Popcorn Brittle, I kind of rolled my eyes and thought "that's one I'll just skip over".

Going over the recipe again today I figured I might as well give it a chance since I had everything on hand already and I was looking to fill some time. The recipe called for Corn Syrup, but I'm trying to get away from using it so I used Brown Rice Syrup instead. This is a typical recipe where you bring the sugar mixture up to 290 degrees - just above soft crack stage. The end result has the taste of caramel corn with the crunch and texture of a brittle. This turned out to be a great combination of a lightly salty and sweet snack.

Dinner tonight.... Chicken with Mango Salsa, Edamame, and Coconut Rice is quite a blend of flavors. I can certainly say we have never tasted something like this before. The ingredient list is kind of daunting and it made for a lot of dishes to clean up. The rice was just bearly done when the liquid was all gone so I might add some water next time to help fully cook it. I used an edamame succotash from Trader Joes and paired with the salsa which is sweet and minty with a nice kick from the jalapeno. A nice combination against the rice and chicken. Each spoonful is filled with a new taste combination - very interesting!



  1. I am intrigued by that brittle. I am a huge nut brittle fan so I might have to give the popcorn variety a try. I have to ask, do you ever have any recipes that you just don't like? You seem to have great luck picking out dishes that you and Jeff really like. I usually have a few that are just not for us.

  2. Yuuuummmm, brittle (seems like YUM is the word I use most often when commenting on your blog!)

    I make a spiced toffee for the holidays. I love brittles as well. I may have to try this.

  3. That chicken looks delicious and your photo is beautiful. I'd love to try that recipe this weekend if I can find some ripe mangos.

  4. I was very curious about that popcorn brittle myself. Did you actually use a candy thermometer? I don't have one, and am not sure if I should try it without one.

  5. That popcorn brittle looks outstanding, Joe. I'm glad to know that the brown rice syrup worked in place of the corn syrup. I'll have to pick some up.

  6. popcorn brittle! wow, sounds good!

    We have a special WCB for Clare and Kiri - hope the kitties will join in. Details are in Farmgirl's link and my site:

  7. Coconut rice is so good when paired with a fruity chicken dish. This one is appealing. My kind of meal.

  8. I hadn't thought of using rice syrup - it's available in the health food and organic shops - and corn syrup is just not that popular in Australia. Thanks for a healthier suggestion!

  9. Punky - Not everything turns out as planned but we have been pretty lucky I think!

    JJ - The toffee sounds cool!

    mebeth - Thanks! Let me know if you try it!

    EJP - Thank you. I like to follow recipes first and then make changes, but I used to be that way too!

    Anonymous - I did use a Candy Thermometer. I'm not sure I would make any candy without one as it can be very hard to figure out when it is the right temp.

    Thanks Nic!

    Boo - Thanks for the heads up!

    Sarah - I thought the rice was pretty interesting as I've never had it like that before. I can see having it again!

    Plum - Let me know if you use it in any other candy type recipes!

  10. Your brittle reminds me of the Puffed wheat amde into "rice crispie squares". A bit nutty and not so sweet.