Saturday, November 19, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 24

We started the morning off with a little doggy scare. I was busy outside transplanting some rosemary trees in the yard when I heard a noise over the fence. Max heard the same thing and out of the corner of my eye I saw him take off. Before you know it, he leapt right into the pool! We do have a solar cover on top so he actually made it 3/4 of the way across and then he hit a break in the cover. Thankfully he did his little doggy paddle until we ran over to pull him out - this was the first time he's ever done anything like that! Too bad we didn't have a camera though - when his coat is wet he shrinks in size by 75%! He has that much fur....

Miss Kitty was outside with us and meowed "What a dummy!"... Since she is already here, Miss Kitty wanted to welcome back Clare, the host of weekend cat blogging over at Eat Stuff. We are glad to see her getting better! Every weekend, food bloggers share pictures of their kitties and with help from Kiri, Clare gives a wonderful round up so head on over to see some more!

As usual, chicken salads were enjoyed for dinner tonight. Will next Saturday hold the same? It will be Thanksgiving weekend afterall - there might be a change in order! Netflix sent us a great selection this week. Tonight we will be watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I'm surprised we were sent this already since it just came out! I hope to finalize the menu for this week including Thanksgiving stuff later this evening. I am guessing it will be a very busy week in the kitchen here!


  1. Thanks Joe! I am glad to be back :)

  2. Wow, I'm glad to hear your doggie's ok. Yikes, that would scare the buh-jesus out of me. Enjoy the flic tonight. You should start adding mini-movie reviews somewhere :)
    Just saw Walk the Line and P&P this week-they are both MUST SEES!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Just thought that you might like to know that your weekly "grocery planning" has inspired me. I'm actually quite organized, but I have never gotten organized enough to plan what to cook a week at a time. I know it would save me time and money if I did it and after a few weeks of reading about you doing it every week (on the same day, so smart!) I am going to try it. I'll let you know if I manage to accomplish it.

  4. Hi Joe! Love your movie comments at the end of your posts...agree with Mona, mini-movie reviews would be nice :) Good luck on the busy week ahead! :)

  5. Here's a caption for you:
    Miss Kitty, "What was he thinking?"
    Glad Max is none the worse for his experience.

  6. Clare - Glad to see you!

    Mona - Thanks! I like that suggestion - if I get some spare time soon that would be nice!

    EJP - Yeah, we started netflix a couple months ago and love it. We never really watched them before but now our queue is soooo long.

    Kalyn - I like to menu plan as it gives me a set idea on what to do each week. It does end up saving us quite a bit too! I hope to hear if you are able to come up with something! I look forward to it each week as it give me a reason to get into new recipes!

    Joey - Thanks!

    b'gina - Good caption!