Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New magazine...

I had to run to Sprouts today to pick up a few items and noticed that they had Martha's new Holiday Cookie magazine. I have been looking for this for a week or so and no one had it. I have not read through it, but flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures it does look well done! Every recipe has a picture and I love that the index also has a thumbnail picture by each cookie name.
Soup and a salad for dinner tonight. Turkey Noodle Soup and Mexican Salad with Pomegranate-Lime Dressing turned out to be a very comforting and filling meal. I have been waiting for an excuse to buy some pomegranates and glad I found this recipe. Juicing the seeds turned out to be much easier that I feared. The fresh pomegranate juice helps calm the tart lime and the dressing brightens up all the flavors in the salad.

This is the first time I have used Jicama, the taste is like a sweet apple with the texture of a potato. The original recipe called for pine nuts and arugala, but I used toasted sliced almonds and baby spinach.

This was a perfect night for soup. All the windows were open and the cool breeze (75 is cool nowadays...) brought the temperature in the house down. For being a quick soup, the flavor bursted out at the first spoonful! I used Trader Joe's chicken broth and with a small amount of prep time the soup was done in just a few minutes. Definetly a nice warm comforting soup with lots of turkey and noodles.



  1. The soup looks yummy & I spotted the cookie magazine on my trip to the grocery today also, I flipped thru but didn't buy..YET lol I'm sure I will in a few days though, it did look wonderful.

  2. Oooh...I can't wait to get that Martha Cookie Mag for myself! I'm a total sucker for Christmas cookies!

  3. Great find!! Looks like I'll have to pick up that recipe mag and FAST!! I think I might have to plan ahead this year. First of all I have to work Thanksgiving, which I am NOT happy about. The tradeoff is I get xmas. And we spend Xmas in our tiny house in Carmel (virtually no kitchen) so I'll have to pre-make some cookies and fly with them. Eek!

  4. I love pomegranate seeds. My mom buys one every Thanksgiving for us to enjoy. Maybe we will have to try this dressing

  5. Just bought some pom. seeds at Trader Joe's yesterday and I was looking for some way to use them!

  6. Paz - Her show is pretty good - I like it so far! To juice the seeds I just put it in a mortal/pestle and in just a couple seconds it was done! More juice than I thought too!

    Culinarily obsessed - Thanks! Get the cookie book if you can!

    Alice - Me too! I can't wait till it gets closer!

    Mona - Hmm, that is one nice tradeoff though!

    Punky - The dressing was very good!

    Lisasd - I just saw that they carried them as just seeds the other day. I wish I would of known that :)

  7. I was just paging through a martha holiday cookie mag from 2001! There are still cookies in there I have yet to try. How's the current one look- or rather, do you like the collection of cookies included?

  8. So far looking through it I really like it Christina!

  9. I love the cookie magazine as well. I am going to make the wizard blondies tonight! Will post about it soon...

  10. I too love Martha's cookie magazine. It's just awesome.

    Thanks for the tip about getting pomegranate juice out of the seeds. Although I do admit, I cheat by buying pure pomegranate juice when I can find it at the supermarket.