Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Chocolate with Bananas and the ever elusive Cinnamon Chips....

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So it's Tuesday... that means I had to figure out what Jeff could bring in tomorrow for Wednesday Treat Day. I picked two bread recipes, 1 I have made before and the other is a new one. Marbled-Chocolate Banana Bread and Cinnamon Bread are the two I picked. The cinnamon bread I have done many times before but I like chocolate and bananas together so I had to make that one too!

The cinnamon one is almost a cross between a batter bread and a regular loaf. There is really no kneading, but it does rise for 1 hour. There is no second rise, but it still gets quite high in the oven from the baking powder added at the end along with the yeast. This has an amazing cinnamon flavor and toasts up quite well. One day I will make french toast out of this loaf if it would ever make it that long!

The cinnamon chips can be very hard to find depending on where you live. Some places carry them as a seasonal item and some have just never heard of it! Whenever we find them, we stock up and put some in the freezer!

The second loaf is a moist banana bread with swirls of chocolate throughout. I was afraid the chocolate might overpower the banana flavor, but I used *very* ripe bananas and I could taste both well enough to know what was in it. I thought about just adding the chips instead of melting them but I'm glad I went ahead because I like the look of it.

Now we can move onto dinner. This recipe from EW, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, caught my eye because the eggs are cooked separately in a double boiler. This gently cooks them into a creamy sauce without scrambling them. A lighter recipe with prosciutto and broccolini along with whole wheat spaghetti makes this a pretty healthy dish. A shaving of fresh grated parmesan covers the top and brings a nice finish to the pasta.


  1. Now by clicking on your photos we can see even a better view of your great pictures. You make the food look incredible.

    I have made that banana bread a few times and love it! Made it once into muffins -- thinking I would have better portion control. Nice try -- but I practically ate some of muffins straight out of the freezer. One of my favorite recipes.

  2. Yum, the breads both sound great. I thought at first you meant one bread-chocolate, cinnamon, and banana. Hmmm...I don't think that would be bad either.

    I love spaghetti carbonara, but as I use Nigella's recipe, don't make it often. You can guess why. I'll take a look at EW's.

  3. It looks great. My best friend has made chocolate banana bread and it is always such a great combination.

    I guess it was a night for prosciutto, because my pasta had it as well. I love the flavor it adds to everything.

  4. Will have to try this bread. My kids aren't fond of banana but I think they will eat this :)

  5. Those cinnamon chips that taste so good are actually CRISCO with some cinnamon thrown in! I know you guys work hard on diet so ... beware!

  6. Joe, I love the new look to your site. The banner and clicking on the already gorgeous food shots make them even more spectacular.

    And to top it all off, now I know just what to do with 2 very ripe bananas I have sitting on my counter.

    Amy - I too never tried cinnamon chips - I'll have to keep my eyes open for them.

    Joe - thanks again for sharing - always a pleasure to drop by

  7. I love that banana bread recipe! I have made it numerous times since it apeared at CL, the bread is delicious and just like you said, we can taste both the banana and the chocolate flavors!
    The cinnamon bread also looks good, however I tried the cinnamon chips once and althoug I love cinnamon the chips are not really my thing...

  8. I love the look of the marbled bread. I will have to try that one too!

  9. If you ever find cinnamon chips, buy and extra 40 bags and I'll pay you for them. I can't even find them online anymore!!! I make Snickerdoodles with them - or used to. The cinnamon chip cupboard is bare!!!!

  10. Anonymous - Thanks! I like the idea of muffins with this!

    JJ - Hee hee! I changed the title - sorry about that! I will have to take a look at hers too!

    Punky - I saw! It looked good with the creamy shells! We go through quite a lot of prosciutto - I love that stuff.

    Michele - Let me know if you try it!

    Cin - I did the same with the chips but this brings a new dimension to the bread.

    Anonymous - Thanks for the warning! I don't plan on eating bags of the stuff so a little here or there has not killed me yet!

    Amy - Lucky you to be able to find them - give 'em a try. They can be pretty addicting in cookies too!

    Ruth - Thank you! Let me know if you try the bread!

    Ana - it is a great bread! Sorry you didn't like the cinnamon chips. When I first tried them I was not thrilled but I think it depends on the recipe!

    EJP - Thanks for stopping by!

    Michelle - Thanks!

    Jim C - Sorry to hear about the shortage! I will let you know if we find a bunch - hee hee!

  11. Thanks for posting the picture of the cinnamon bread. That recipe has been on my to-try list for forever. Coincidentally, I also had been planning on the swirled bread sometime in the next week.

  12. Joe I thought I wa the only one who found finding those little cinnamon chips difficult to find! I now have a source where we can buy them in bulk. Maybe i should set up a store online and sell them!

    Love, the new banner! I may just have to steal your code!

  13. Or... trade you some cinnamon chips for it!

  14. Susan - I hope you get a chance to make some!

    Chronicler - That's a good idea! Where do you get them in bulk at? KA?

  15. Joe, I actually left a comment on the cake recipe page, but just in case you and your readers don't get to check it out...I made it today and my guests loved it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ruth - Thanks so much for letting me know! I'm very happy it turned out for you!